Harvest happiness very close. With 80% less slug pellets.

With the SnailX snail trap with integrated attractant and slug pellets.

Garden joy can be great. Or just very small. When snails get to work. SnailX kills snails. Thanks to the patented functional principle, our highly efficient snail trap works without constant maintenance. Simply change the attractant bottle every month and fill up with snail pellets. Everything else takes care of itself - and the harvest happiness comes back all by itself.

The SnailX snail trap

Happiness often comes in small doses. In our case, a whole portion of it: in the form of a weatherproof snail trap that combines highly efficient attractants with proven slug pellets. SnailX also attracts snails from a great distance. Arriving at the trap, they eat the slug pellets and crawl back into their hiding place - and they stay there. Forever. That's why our traps for snails are the unsung heroes of the garden alongside the vigorously growing and flowering plants.